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Have questions about Valentus products? Read our FAQ’s or contact us and we will do our best to help! We want to help you get the most out of your Valentus products.

No, the Valentus Prevail products are functional beverages, each for a different purpose. The SlimRoast Coffee and the TRIM are both weight management products but are not a replacement for a meal.
SlimRoast Coffee = 120 mg
Trim = 50 mg
Immune Boost = 0 mg
Energy = 80 mg
Results will vary from person to person drinking SlimRoast coffee however, many people are seeing great results* Check out some of the testimonial pictures here >>
Sure! But with SlimRoast, less is more. You will probably find that after you’ve had 1 SlimRoast Coffee, you may not want another. If you still desire regular coffee, just make sure you’ve had your SlimRoast first, then proceed to have your regular drip coffee if you feel like you want to. As with all caffeinated drinks, don’t overdo it. If you have any questions, consult your physician.
An exercise plan is always a good idea and will help you get the great results, however, it is not required to gain weight loss with the 12 in 24 program. Let us put it to you this way. There is no need to head to a gym and work yourself out silly. A gentle daily walk, even on a treadmill. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Maybe start some gentle stretching and breathing exercises, which are also great for body and mind!
No! The best part about the Valentus products is that you don’t have to change your diet. It is always good advice to limit unhealthy foods to produce the best results. Drinking the SlimRoast or Trim should diminish your appetite a bit and help prevent unnecessary snacking. You should find you eat less, which will help with weight management.*
YES! All of our Prevail drinks are gluten free, non GMO, pesticide free and chemical free. They are also Vegan friendly!
The Valentus can help many with weight loss/management, energy, libido, focus and mental clarity, appetite control, sleeping, digestion and overall immune health. Making Prevail© products a part of everyday life is an option many people will utilize to receive the lifelong benefits Valentus products provide. Once you loose the weight you want to, on the 12 in 24 program you may choose to have a coffee or trim each day for maintenance. Some people prefer to stay using the Immune product daily as well. Of course you can also do the breakthrough cleanse every 90 days for overall health. The choice is yours.
Consult your physician or accredited healthcare practitioner. Due to the thermogenic effect of the Prevail© SlimROAST and Prevail© TRIM, it is not recommended for consumption by breast-feeding mothers or those expectant mothers.
Valentus recommends that you take the SlimRoast, TRIM (or Trim twice a day if you do not like coffee) and IMMUNE daily for 6 straight days and take the 7th day off. This is so that your body can reset from the detox ingredients. By giving your body a kick-start after the day off, you will see quicker results! This is also up to you and how you feel on the product, you will not see any additional side effects if you were to continue taking them on the 7th day.
Of course! Not everyone loves coffee. For those of you who prefer not to drink the Slimroast in the morning, simply swap it for our Prevail Trim drink.
SlimRoast coffee is made with all-natural ingredients and detox components. Here are the ingredients: Non GMO Dark Roast Coffee, Chlorogenic Acid, Garcinia Cambogia 95%,Phaseolamin, Cassiolamine Green Tea 100:1 Extract, Ginseng 100:1 Extract, L-Carnitine with Chromium.
Each person will react to the Valentus beverages differently. With the SlimRoast coffee in particular, most people will notice suppressed appetite, increased focus and alertness. If you find it too strong to start, try just 1/2 a package for a few days and work up to using the full package to receive the full benefits.
Okay, this comes down to personal preference. The difference between Slimroast Italian and Slimroast Brazilian coffees, is a slight difference in ingredients (please read through these on our Slimroast coffee page) and taste. Slimroast Brazilian has a slight chocolate taste.
All of the Valentus drinks are made with 4 grams or less of organic cane sugar. The SlimRoast coffee has less than 1 gram, the Trim has less than 1 gram, the Immune Boost has 3.5 grams and the Energy has 4 grams.
First add to your cup some cool water then add in your Slimroast coffee, top with hot water. If you add boiling water to the SlimRoast first, it will damage some of the herbs and affect their effectiveness. Stir and drink! SlimRoast is most effective when it’s enjoyed black. If you prefer cream/milk and sugar, try using a sweetener live stevia and switching to a non-dairy product like almond or coconut milk.
Yes, it is safe to consume alcohol while taking the Valentus products. All of the ingredients are all natural and safe.
Detoxification: The increased bio-electric charge that your body will carry while using Prevail Max will assist in the natural peristaltic action of the colon and further assist in a natural and more comfortable bowl movement. You will be giving your body what it was lacking to perform its most basic function. Continue with your previous protocol and then abstain from said protocol after combining the Prevail Max and your bowl regulation products for three days. Continue with Prevail Max there after to further assist this and many other relevant conditions.
The Prevail Max formula has been shown to GREATLY enhance athletic performance in a variety of ways. It has yet to be certified by WADA but has been previously cleared by the NSF for Sport in the United States which monitors and controls the regulation for all banned substances in the U.S. for professional athletes.
It has become a customary standard in North America via the FDA to suggest that children under the age of 12 years old consult a qualified health care practitioner before using any supplemental product. This being said, we suggest that you consult said practitioner prior to use.
PrevailMax is considered a natural supplement and is recognized by the FDA as such.
There has been years of supportive and collaborating studies done on the Prevail Max technology that had been conducted by Dr. Mueller and his R&D company. Although, to date there has not been third party studies done that have been published.

Valentus Product Ordering FAQ

When you placed your first order as a Preferred Customer you would of created an account with username and password. Go to www.Valentus.com/login
Enter your MEMBER User Name and Password (no spaces and case sensitive). Usually first and last name. If you do not remember your info, click on HELP and Valentus will email you.
Select ORDER from the menu.
Select your package or products from the drop down menus to purchase.
You do not need to be set up with a Monthly Loyalty Purchase each month however, we recommend choosing a date each month to receive your new product to ensure you do not run out. There is no contract and you can change your monthly date or product selection anytime. You can even cancel your autoship and start a new one with more or less boxes/product.
Sign into your account at www.Valentus.com/login
Enter your MEMBER User Name and Password (no spaces and case sensitive). Usually first and last name. If you do not remember your info, click on HELP and Valentus will email you.
Click on Monthly Loyalty Purchase
Find your ACTIVE monthly order and select CANCEL.
Email support@ valentus.com if you need help
Yes, you are not giving Fast Weight Loss Coffee Diet your credit card information. When you order, you will be directed to Valentus Corporate secure website where you will enter your credit card information. It is held in your account there and not recorded. Your information is 100% secure and safe.
Everyone loves free products right! If you are a Preferred Customer, you can earn your product for free each month. All you need to do is refer two friends to order product from your Valentus ID. You simply give them your ID number and the website. They enter your ID number and if they sign up with a monthly loyalty purchase, your next order is FREE! You must make sure that you have set up your own monthly loyalty purchase to receive this benefit. Remember though, you can cancel anytime!
You can order any of the products as a preferred customer and receive preferred wholesale pricing. However, when you pay a one-time $20 membership fee, you immediately secure a position within the Valentus company rewards program. You will receive 7 individual websites you can promote and become eligible to start earning extra money right away. When you refer customers to your websites to purchase product or join with you as an Independent Representative of Valentus to earn rewards, you qualify to be paid. Read More about the Valentus rewards program and becoming a Representative HERE
We recommend the 12-in-24 Program which is three products per day for 1 month. You can order all three for $129 USD or a 2-month supply for $199 USD (6 boxes). You can also order a 16 box pack, (giving even higher discounts on the cost and will last you just over 5 months, or share it with a friend) however you do need to choose /select the TICK BOX to become a Independent Representative on the order form and also pay the one off membership fee of US$20. A one box purchase of any product is US$59.95 (preferred customer price)
Valentus products are formulated and shipped from Utah, in the US.
YES! Valentus ships to over 65 countries globally. To find out if they ship to your country, just use the Country Drop Down box on the order page. Shipping and taxes will vary depending on which country you are ordering from.
All prices are listed in USD so if you reside in a country outside of the USA, your credit card will be charged the exchange rate for that day. There is also applicable taxes for your country, province or state, as well as a shipping fee. You can find your receipt under ORDER HISTORY once signed into your account.