Getting Started With Valentus

1. Your Personal Results Will Speak For You

Your friends will be asking a lot of questions once they see the results you have gained on the Valentus products! This would have to rank as one of the MOST exciting parts of joining Valentus.  You will quite literally become your own walking, talking billboard. Remember to take your starting measurements, a photo of yourself and or, note down any health conditions you have. All of this information will build your “Valentus Story” to share with others.

2. Valentus Representatives need to setup a monthly Loyalty Purchase

Go to your back office at Enter your Username (no spaces) and Password.
On the left hand menu of your back office, click on “Loyalty Purchase”. Choose the package or 3 products you would like to receive and the date you wish to have them shipped on each month.

PLEASE NOTE: You can change your products and your shipping date anytime. To remain “active” to earn from all income streams, you will need to choose at least 3 products. If you are no longer doing the full optimum diet plan, choose products that you feel best suit your marketing E.G if you are giving samples to potential customers to try the product first.

3. How to Set-Up your Rotator

What is the Rotator? This is where you set the “placement” of others that join with you as a Valentus Represenative in either your right or left leg of your “team build”.

Sign into your back office, click on ROTATOR from the left hand menu. All Valentus Representatives place their first 3 business builders into their community leg. This will be either your left or right leg. Just ask us which one so we can point you in the right direction. From there you can then switch your ROTATOR to the opposite leg.

4. Follow Our Training, It will Give you a solid foundation

  • Next step is you need to reach out to us via our contact form if you have not heard from us in 24 hours. This is so we can help you get started, welcome you to the team and connect you with all groups on Facebook so you have 24/7 support!
  • While waiting to hear from us you are welcome to visit the Corporate Resource site at I Am Team Valentus.

5. Facebook Support & Connection

After you have joined as a Valentus Representative we will invite you to “connect” with us so we can add you to our private training & support groups. You will also be invited to join the Valentus customer/reps testimonial group where you will discover 100s of testimonials covering incredible weight loss results and various health benefits individuals have gained on our health and wellness products!

6. Your Own Marketing Websites

You also receive your own Valentus marketing websites. You have 7 different ones to choose from all located in your back office under “Account Information”. Click on the heading “My Website Address” and scroll through the page to view them all.

You will find your own “Link” underneath each one. Two popular websites are (this is your main company website which has information on the products and business opportunity); and (invites people to “Take a Free Tour” of the business opportunity) When you have someone go through your “Free Tour” page always reach out to them. Everyone likes to have a connection with who they are joining with. Ask if they have any questions. Invite them to an opportunity call to learn more or get their questions answered.

Now if you would like to simply concentrate on building your customer base, you have two options. Retail site or Preferred Customer. (obviously customers always want to save money, hence why most reps share their preferred customer website with potential customers) Choose the website you like best.

8. Getting Paid – Set up your Banking

There are two different options to choose from to receive your earnings and you will find both under the heading “Payment Options” in your Valentus back office.

The best service without doubt is Paylution, which is option 2. Select (click on the radio button) add your details and click SAVE.

Paylution will then send you out an email. Follow the instructions they give you to setup your banking information so your earnings can be sent to your bank account or if you prefer your Paylution card.

Valentus pays us every Friday (USA TIME). Therefore your earnings will be sent from Valentus to your Paylution account. Paylution will send you a notification via email that you have funds. Log into your Paylution account and withdraw (transfer) your earnings to your preferred option be it your bank account or your Paylution card.