How To Build Your Valentus Business?

Now that you have gone through each of the Getting Started points, it’s time to jump into the next part – “Building your Valentus Business”. The following information will help you gain new customers and Independent Representatives. The idea of working for yourself, is you have the choice to work the hours you want to.

Important TIP
One of the VERY BEST things you can do for any marketing whether it be online or especially offline e.g business cards, flyers etc is to have your own domain forwarded to your Valentus link (website). It is far easier for someone to write down a full domain (eg than People can VERY EASILY forget to add the forward stroke and your username!

Contacting People You Already Know

Contacting your friends or acquaintances gives your business a nice “kick start” right from the get go! You could literally have new customers or new Reps in your business within 24 hours.

How many people do you know that drink coffee and need to lose weight? How many people do you know that would love the ability earn extra money? Maybe you have heard someone complaining about debt or wishing they could take a holiday, maybe need a new car! There are so many reasons people need extra income. Try not to “pre-judge” anyone. What you may THINK you know about their financial situation may well be quite the opposite of where they are at. Same goes re “their current diet plan” or where their mindset is regarding their current weight or weight loss goals.

Meet Jack…

This is his story on why he became a Representative. Jack also shows you how he builds his Valentus business sharing our amazing products with others he knew.

You will notice Jack’s team members (Reps) all followed his example. This is called Duplication.

Utilizing Social Media

Utilizing social media is a powerful way to find new customers and reps. Everyone you know is either on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest just to name 3! This is another way Jack could of reached out to his “circle of influence”.

Setting up accounts in Social Media is free and no doubt you already know this. Facebook, you can create a “Fan Page” or “Group”. Both are great ways to share the Valentus products and information on the business opportunity. Once you have your fan page or group setup, invite your FB contacts to join.

Instagram and Pinterest are pretty much the same as each other. It’s all about sharing images, connecting with others, commenting, liking images etc to gain followers back and discover what you are sharing.

Within our private Facebook groups you will find a ton of resources you can share through your social media accounts to help YOU gain new customers and business reps. While you are in business for yourself, Valentus has a wonderful “TEAM” culture which helps everyone succeed!

If you are not overly sure on how to setup these accounts and or, create a Fan Page or Group, just ask us, we are happy to help out. You can also search YouTube for video instructions. There are many to choose from.

We have other options to help our new team members out, who wish to expand even further,  however these will certainly get you started in Social Media.

Business Cards, Banners, Flyers and More

It’s always handy to have at the very least Business Cards on you where ever you go. Keep them in your car, wallet, handbag anywhere handy you can grab at a moments notice. You just never know who you may run into that starts up a conversation that easily leads into what you do.

Another tip for your business cards, is leave the back blank. This way you can leave someone a lovely message of thanks e.g you are out with friends at a coffee shop or restaurant. Before you leave, add a nice “Thank you for your service” message on the blank part of your business card and leave this face up on the table. Your card will be picked up read and guess what happens next…. human curiosity will “flip” the card over to see what’s written on the other side! How many times have you “flipped” a flyer or card over to read the other side or see if further information is provided?

I Love Doing Markets and Events

If you love getting out and about and taking “physical products” to the people you are most welcome to do this. Many Valentus reps love doing their local markets or making a day of it and heading to areas close to home where markets are held on weekends.  Even holding mini Events in a local community hall.

These options can be great fun however please watch your “compliance”! Firstly you ALWAYS lead with the products and benefits and have information available on the business opportunity. We share our products with other people we DO NOT (using that awful word) “RECRUIT” others to make money.

We also DO NOT SELL product we have on hand at markets or events or in fact anywhere. All Valentus products are NOT FOR RESALE unless other wise stipulated by Valentus company policies. The only countries at this time, that you can retail all or some of the Valentus products (depending on the country) are USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Philippines.  Other countries are opening up for retail. Customers can purchase from your company website world wide.

There is still more you can do in order to gain new customers or potential business partners in your Valentus business. However the above information will certainly keep you busy. We can cover any other aspects you may be interested in doing, later on.