Valentus Testimonials

Valentus Testimonials and Reviews complete with Before and After photos. Customers on the 12 in 24 lifestyle diet worldwide are enjoying incredible results! We offer a true fast weight loss diet plan to help you gain true health on all levels. Not everyone’s results are the same and your own results may be different, however there is no denying the below Valentus Testimonials are a real eye opener!

From t shirt size XL down to small..This is the new Mam Hezel Lady Luck! She has been taking the 12in24 program for 2 months now…way to go!

Jennifer’s transformation took 9 months, is down from size 18/20 to size 10. She is now.. minus Depression. 🙂 minus pain in knees 🙂

Since October/November we have lost a total of 75 pounds!! The breakthrough and max will help get us to our weight loss goals!! Love our weight loss coffee!!! – Angie C, USA

Samantha P of BC, Canada achieved this on One cup of SlimRoast a day!

Susan P, Kansas – Time for me to share my story. I started the Valentus products the 6 th of Feb in order to lose weight! After about three weeks I started feeling my life change. I have suffered most of my life from severe fibromyalgia, and if you suffer from that you know that it is a thief. It steals your life from you! In my third week I started feeling more energy than I have ever had, very little pain, and the depression and fogginess that goes with it started to disappear. By week four I was bouncing off the walls. I am hooked! I told my mom that I didn’t care if I had to sell my furniture to afford the stuff I would never quit taking it! Thankfully my furniture is safe because of the awesome compensation plan offered by the company my very first month I was able to earn enough to pay for my next months product. By the end of my third month I was down 22 lbs and 23 inches, four of which came off my waist! Still have a ways to go to reach my goal but I know it’s possible with the Prevail products! I believe that this is a company that is blessed and their products are an answer to my prayers! Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me back my life!

Kimberly G, USA – I missed my 4 month date by 2 days, so I’m sharing it now. Lol
I started drinking Valentus Slim Roast November 16th, 2016. I’ve lost a little over 30lbs and gone from a 3x to a large top, sz 18 jeans to a 14. WHOOP!! 💜☕

I drink 2 coffees and 1 immune boost every day!
These beverages have truly helped me love life again. Everyone around me has had the flu, but I haven’t been sick at all. Thank you, Lord and Valentus.

If you have been sitting on the fence wondering about trying this, jump off that fence and get to drinking. You will be so happy you did!!

Jon L, UK -My personal results
Dropped 4 stone
Dropped from size 42 to 34 jeans
Not 100% keen on the taste of the coffee but love it for the way it makes me feel and combined with the trim and immune boost they are a formidable combination 😊
The main thing for me was they took my hunger away but that is just one of many ways they have helped me 😊
I’ve just got back from a walk and a jog and that’s down to these products 😊
Love them !!

Karen J – I’m far from over on my incredible Valentus Journey but I wanted to share an update on how it is going so far. I am down 117 lbs and a ton of inches. A lot of the inches are in areas you don’t measure. I drink one slim roast coffee in the am and a Trim and Immune mixed together at lunch. If I want to do what my daughter and I call the triple threat I will mix a Trim, Immune,& Energy together at lunchtime. That’s it!! No dieting and 0 exercise!!!

Don G – started drinking this amazing healthy coffee plus two other amazing beverages in November. He is down 60 pounds and feeling amazing. His breathing is better and his energy.. Way to go Don!! Can’t wait to see what the next four months bring

Kristy W, USA – Finally feel comfy enough to share…My personal results, y’all!!!🙈
February – March 2017! #12in24 lifestyle! I have lost so many inches and I have energy out the roof!💥 I have lost about 10 lbs so far, and around 15 combined inches. I look forward to my prevail beverages every day! I hate taking my 7th day off!! 😂
Real People get REAL results!!! I am living proof!! 💯

Neale K, – changed his beverages to Valentus Prevail and look at the health change!!! Wow what a before/after health transformation!!!!

David A, Canada – Thought I would post my 4 month before and after photo and story. 1st Pic was early January this year on vacation in Kauai and weighing in at around 298 pounds. Second pic is last week after starting with the program in Mid Feb at 254 pounds. I have gone from a 42″ waist to 37″ and dropped around 8% on my BMI. I have so much more energy all day which means I have been working out more and hiking the Grouse Grind once or twice a week. I have also gotten back into running and have managed a couple 10 km runs around the Stanley Park Seawall. I am enjoying life and spending so much more quality time with my family. I have struggled with my weight during my entire life that I can recall. I am so motivated to get into the best shape of my life before my upcoming 44th Birthday in the fall. Planning on a 1/2 marathon for next year. I am a believer..